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Become a tutor

Step Ahead tutors provide individualised teaching tailored to the client's specific needs. One tutor works with one client on a one to one basis working at the client's speed and in the subjects needed.

Tutors have the opportunity of choosing to work with school-aged children and young people - in primary and secondary schools, state and independent; for passing exams at all levels, including Standard and Higher Levels; primary Level tests; independent school entrance examinations, including scholarships; with college and university students; with adults - for self-improvement, job and career enhancement, entry to services such as police and fire; with companies and their employees.

Tutors are committed to inspiring academic excellence, confidence and happiness in their students.

Through focused, caring and highly skilled teaching, tutors are able to unlock the unique talent, enthusiasm and potential that is in every student.

As a tutee with Step Ahead, significant benefits include :

  • Flexible hours, tutor as and when you choose
  • Increased income
  • Satisfaction of results and relationships
  • Having considerable autonomy to plan and carry out your own tutoring plans
  • Recognition of your hard work and efforts
  • Working with and being supported by like-minded people
  • Working in a one-to-one situation, either in your own home or in the client's

We advise those interested in joining us to work their way through all the sections of this web-site. Thereafter, if you feel a connection and/or empathy with what you are reading, we suggest that you contact us by telephone to have a discussion and/or send us an email requesting tutor details and an application form.

There are two ways to complete the application - either by printing out the form and then filling it in by pen, or by typing directly onto the form and then printing it out completed.

Whichever way you choose, we need you to sign in pen the completed form and then send it back to us by post.


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