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Independent School Entry

"We were somewhat taken aback by the standard required for our children to even be offered a place at an independent school." Step Ahead parent

Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision for any parent. Many parents throughout the UK and especially in Edinburgh and London opt for independent schooling for their child, and enjoy an excellent range of establishments to choose from.

However, choosing a school is just the first step. Most independent schools require pupils to pass an entrance exam and, in particular, children making the move from state to private schooling may be unfairly under-prepared for the level of attainment required of them.

Even children of high academic ability may require support with preparation for independent school entry examinations.

Step Ahead has earned an enviable reputation for expertise and success in this field. Our Director leads from the front, having helped a large number of tutees to gain places, including scholarships, in independent schools in Scotland, England and abroad. In 2018, he helped a youngster gain George Heriot's School prestigious Senior Scholarship, with another of his tutees in the top six scorers.

In addition to the large number of tutors who have given their service to all kinds of subject work over the last two decades, our Director has built up a team of approximately 16 tutors, all totally dedicated to the specialist work required for independent school entry.

The "School Guide" annual magazine, the definitive and indispensable guide to Edinburgh's best independent and state schools, has invited our Director to submit articles and 'Entrance Admission Tests' for the last five years.  Parents, tutees and tutors have found those questions to be of considerable value, allied to our expert tuition.

Our commitment to nurturing the raw ability and improving confidence in all children regardless of background or experience ensures we continually help pupils reach the high standard required for independent school entry.

As well as helping to secure the child's place at the right school for them, Step Ahead helps children to start their new school with confidence, assured that they enjoy equal academic attainment to their new school friends.

Gifted Children

An increasing number of independent schools are demonstrating their commitment to wider access and achieving a more varied demographic with the introduction of scholarship schemes for academically gifted children.

Step Ahead has experience supporting academically gifted children preparing for highly competitive scholarship examinations, as mentioned above.

Read about one of our success stories here - and see the comprehensive testimonial on our "News" page - under the heading "2014".

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