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News archive 2002

Merry Christmas, 2002, and a Happy New Year, 2003

STEP AHEAD wishes all our clients and tutors the very best for an enjoyable and happy festive period.

We would like to congratulate our tutors on attaining and maintaining such high standards and our students on producing so many excellent results, in prelims, exams and tests, and in weekly sessions.

The following pupils are amongst those worthy of special mention at this time :

ADAM BREALEY (Dalgety Bay) who has improved his reading age dramatically in the past nine months - the most notable "jump" that the Director has seen in over 30 years of testing

AINSLEY CAMPBELL (Kirkliston) who has made huge strides in all aspects of her work

JONATHAN RUSSELL (Dunfermline) who has satisfied the demands both of his excellent school and of his tutor

REBECCA SHEPHERD (Edinburgh) who has started to believe in herself and, as a result, produced highly creditable prelim results, and knows she will do even better come next May's exams

Closing in on Christmas, 2002

It's always a busy time of year right now - especially for those pupils and their tutors preparing for Prelims.

STEP AHEAD wishes all tutees taking exams best wishes. Prepare thoroughly , consult your tutors regularly, keep calm and do as much as you can. Please make notes, for discussion with your tutors, of difficult questions or topics. Contact us if you need any further assistance.

There is an increasing number of clients also preparing for entrance examinations at this time of the year. With some outstanding private schools in Edinburgh and Dollar, many parents are choosing to have their children, even as young as seven years old, prepared for their entrance tests.

This bulletin wishes to acknowledge work being done by certain tutees whom have been brought to our attention :

Claire Reekie
Louise Stark
Rhona Jack
Joseph McMahon
Ross McNeil
Sadia Mohammad

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

Katrina Third (Kinross), Peter Walker (Clackmannan), Linzi Carty (Crossford), Fraser Macintyre (Cairneyhill), Graham Dodds (Kirkcaldy)

And special Parent Award to: Irene Macintyre

Hallowe'en and Bonfire Nights, 2002, Have Come and Gone

Never mind our regular 'Pupil Of The Week', how about 'Parent Of The Week'!! Congratulations CATHERINE FAGAN - hope you're not too embarrassed !

Erin Teasdale (Aberdour), Lauren Haston (Burntisland) and Gary Redpath (Methil) are the pupils recently selected for P.O.T.W. Awards.

Gloria Gillespie (Spanish), Louise Hendry (Primary), Mairi McRobbie (Maths and Physics), Anita Nolan (French) and Christopher Santini (R.E., Philosophy and Moral Ed) have all been accepted as our latest tutors, taking the number who have registered with Step Ahead to over 300.

October news

October has seen a large number of enquiries as a result of the growing awareness of our website.

We have welcomed new tutors : James Barratt (Biology and Chemistry), Mary Barrie (Maths, Stats and Accounts), Yvonne Hudson (Primary), Valerie Robertson (English) and Richard Wiewiorka (Maths and Physics).

We have received a most complimentary note from Mr I Kirkby in Edinburgh commending Scott Kilgour's tutoring, stating that the lad was borderline for Higher Physics, but thanks to Scott got a "solid B pass".

Recent "Pupils Of The Week" have been: Matthew McMillan (Edinburgh), Laura Taylor (Rosyth), Matt Watson (Dunfermline) and Daryl Wylie (Cairneyhill).

September News, 2002, from the Director

Our new website is having more and more visitors: clients, potential clients and tutors. We have had a number of useful ideas and comments passed on. We hope to get our Forum Section more active in the coming weeks.

We would like to welcome new tutors - Bob Adamson (English), Dr Jeremy Dobson (Chemistry and Physics), Clare Morrison (Primary and Independent), Morag Riley (Craft and Design and Graphic Communication).

We have received another highly complimentary letter about the work of one of our tutors (Ian Riches). Mrs Duncan of Anstruther thanked us warmly as her son has achieved what he required, keeping him on track for a university future.

September Pupil Of The Week Awards have gone to:
John Reeve (Cairneyhill), Adam Brealey (Dalgety Bay), Jonathan Russell (Dunfermline), Heather Bain (Crossford) and Rose Fagan (Dunfermline).

Outstanding examination results, 2002

The following was produced by the local press this week :

"Step Ahead is proud to be associated with and has helped to enhance the results recently gained by a large number of Fife youngsters in the Standard and Higher examinations. Many of Step Ahead's 300 registered tutors are themselves teachers in local schools and their knowledge and expertise has been harnessed to the advantages of one-to-one tuition, producing outstanding grades. Allowing a youngster to work at his own pace whilst building a clear work ethic and a consistent routine, and at the same time developing self-confidence through encouragement and the promptings of the expertise of a professional tutor is a very powerful mixture.

The Director of Step Ahead told us that he was extremely proud of the work being done by an ever-increasing group of tutors, 'The results achieved by youngsters tutored by Step Ahead over the past five or six years have been exceptional, but this year even more As and Bs have been recorded. Many parents have again contacted us full of praise and congratulations for the help given by our teachers, who consistently provide an outstanding one-to-one service.' " Aug.'02

Congratulations due

Mrs Logan of Kirkcaldy wrote to us offering warmest congratulations to FOUR of our tutors who had helped her son to achieve A Grades in all his Higher subjects, namely Chemistry, Computing, Maths, Modern Studies and Physics.

Similarly Mrs Brough of Linlithgow informed us that she was indebted to her daughter's tutors whose work ensured A Grades in both English and Physics.

Tutors themselves, as well as Step Ahead itself, have been receiving telephone calls from grateful youngsters and their parents, whom have been delighted with their results. Many of them have already asked for tutors to be appointed for the newly-started or upcoming session.

News from the director

On a regular basis, Our Director, George, will post upto- date news from Step Ahead :

As can be read above and in some press articles, our examination results are highly creditable again this year, and reflect well on the partnership between clients and tutors.

Step Ahead has already welcomed back a number of clients from last year. Parents are realising that it is a sound investment to get our tutors in place as early in the session as possible, thus creating even greater flexibility and opportunity for their youngsters.

A warm welcome is extended to all new tutors, including recent "arrivals" Zoe Bathgate, Sheena Crawford, Rosemary Davidson, Sandy Dean, Janette Donoghue, James Macpherson and Blanca San Martin. All tutors should regularly consult the secure Tutors' Area for news relevant for them only.

I would hope to be able to highlight regularly individual achievements if either tutors or clients keep me informed. To "start the ball rolling", I would like to congratulate pupils David Barr, Martin Goodfellow, Marielle Tweedie and Duncan Warnock for their endeavours and company over at least the past year, and for their resultant achievements in their examinations.

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

In May and June, this was awarded to: Ainsley Campbell, David Kingshott, Ashley Paterson, Fraser McGuiness, Martyn Wilson, Graham Dodds, Emma Doherty, Mark Fox, Peter Walker

In August, Martin Goodfellow and Julie Robertson have been the winners.

Adam Brealey: on his playing of the bagpipes
Ainsley Campbell: on her fast start to the new school year
Lauren Haston: on her greatly improving reading
Erin Teasdale: on her greatly improving number work

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