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News archive 2003

Merry Christmas, 2003, and a Happy New Year, 2004

It's that time of year again. Some Prelims are over, some are still to come, tutors are very busy, and the festive period is nearly upon us !

Three 11-year old boys have been chosen this bulletin for "Special Mention" for their level of work, effort and progress :

Iain Bonn Richard Broome Blair McWhirter

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

awards have been presented throughout the autumn to: Iain Bonn (Middlebank), Martyn Wilson (Ratho), Robyn Cooper (Oakley), Heather Bain (Crossford), Emma McReynolds (Dunfermline), Daryl Wylie (Cairneyhill), Ami Kevan (Dunfermline), Peter Walker (Clackmannan), Jennifer Sloan (Clackmannan), Richard Broome (Oakley), Julie Robertson (Dunfermline)

New tutors

STEP AHEAD is pleased to welcome new tutors: Kevin Kerr (Chemistry, Maths and Physics), Kirstine McKain (Primary), Dr Rachel Naismith (Chemistry and Maths), Fiona Reilly (Primary), Brigid Wylie (Primary)

Autumn news 2003

Suddenly, the rush for tutors has begun again !

Parents all over the East of Scotland are in touch with us, some tutees returning from previous years, many wanting the same tutor as before, while newcomers range from the parents of young primary pupils right through to university students.

We have received many letters, calls and emails from parents delighted with their youngsters' results. Recent comments complimenting our tutors have included "thoroughly recommend (this tutor) to anyone", friendly attitude", "very calm", "explained clearly", "weakest points gone over", "would not have been achieved without the help of Step Ahead", "how good your tutoring service (is)", "no hesitation in recommending your tutor".

Despite the embarrassment this may cause to the tutors concerned, it has to be said that we have had many highly positive comments about two of our tutors - Dr Michael Chandler and Scott Murphy.

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

Rose Fagan (Dunfermline), Ross Philp (Dunfermline), Graham Dodds (Kirkcaldy), Blair McWhirter (Cairneyhill), Matthew Pryce (Dalgety Bay), Emma West (Dunfermline), Ben Sneddon (Cairneyhill)

New tutors

We are pleased to welcome new tutors: Zoe Bathgate (French, Primary), Jean Bernardi (French), Angela Cordoba (Spanish), Jean Duncan (French, German), Moira Feldman (Computer Ed), Angelica Garcia (Spanish), Dr Margaret Halliday (Biology, Chemistry, Maths), Kathleen Harley (Primary), Jennifer Kennedy (Primary), Laurence Macdonald (IT), Imelda Macleod-Keyen (Dutch, French, German, Russian), Elaine Middleton (French, German), Shona Milne (Primary), Jackie Robertson (Primary), Liz Waters (Maths)

More superb examination results, 2003

Summer holidays are now over for most people and STEP AHEAD is again being inundated with requests for tutors.

Our tutors are still hearing from tutees about outstanding results in the National exams again this year, but it is already looking like another record-breaking performance ! We would like to congratulate everyone who has achieved so much. So many parents have come to realise that by getting one of our tutors, their youngster gets a "step ahead".

Please let us know if you or your child has had any significant results which we might mention.

As some of you will have seen, our Director was invited to write a series of columns throughout August for the "Fife and Kinross Extra" newspaper reflecting the ever-increasing trend for home tutoring.

Summer and school holidays, 2003

Now that National examinations are over and National Tests have been sat, schools will close and pupils will be on holiday within the next week or two.

It has been a very busy year, much progress has been reported by tutors and parents, and, in the case of older youngsters, exam results are awaited eagerly.

Many of our tutees will be continuing to receive tutoring during at least part of the long summer holidays. Others will be re-starting with their tutors before returning to school in August.

Tutors regularly inform STEP AHEAD about the progress of their pupils and we are delighted to commend the following this month :

Adam Brealey (Dalgety Bay), a highly pleasant and courteous young man, has worked extremely hard and has raised his reading age by an astonishing amount this year.

Iain Bonn (Aberdour) has shown total commitment and determination, and a consistent improvement in all his work.

Julie Robertson (Dunfermline) has succeeded so well that her work has impressed all her school teachers.

Martyn Wilson (Ratho), one of our longest-serving pupils, has delighted his parents with his progress and attitude, and he has set himself up for making a really good showing at his Standard Grade subjects.

Ainsley Campbell (Kirkliston), like Martyn above, has prepared well and is on course for excellent S.G. results.

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

Peter Walker (Clackmannan), Jennifer Sloan (Clackmannan), Graham Dodds (Kirkcaldy), Richard Broome (Oakley), Euan Robertson (Saline)

Summer and school holidays, 2003

We have entered the testing-time for families, as well as for teenagers! We hope that stress can be kept to a minimum, and that the advice given by tutors will be heeded.

Please contact your tutor if you need last-minute help.

STEP AHEAD would like to welcome a new tutor from the East Neuk of Fife, Jackie Robertson, and would like to congratulate the following tutees on their recent progress:

Jill Davidson
Harpreet Dosnagh
Ross McNeil
Lindsay Smith

Special mention is again made of Greg Logan - he has received an unconditional offer from Glasgow University to study dentistry. Greg is a fine example to all tutees of someone combining undoubted ability with hard graft !

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

Matthew McMillan (Edinburgh), Laura Taylor (Rosyth), Gary Redpath (Methil), Katrina Third (Kinross), Erin Teasdale (Aberdour)

Easter, effort and exams, 2003

Schools are now on holiday, but with this year's late Easter almost upon us, many clients have been working very hard, most (although not all) in preparation for forthcoming national examinations.

Tutors have notified us that the following are worthy of special commendation for their endeavours :

Sam Barker
Louise Crone
Anna Gaw
Elizabeth McDonald
Gary McInulty
Dominy Robertson
Craig Smith

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

Julie Robertson (Dunfermline), Heather Bain (Crossford), Adam Brealey (Dalgety Bay), Daryl Wylie (Cairneyhill)

March news 2003

Warmest congratulations are due to Manveer Bahia, Satnam Bahia, Ram Bahia, Charlotte Brown, Ewan Macdonald and Fraser McIntyre who have passed entrance examinations for independent schools - Charlotte to George Heriot's (Edinburgh), Ewan to Kilkenny College (Eire) and Manveer, Satnam, Ram and Fraser to Dollar Academy (Fife).

A warm return to tutoring is extended to Jim Park (English and Modern Studies) and to new tutor Kerry Smallman (English and Spanish).

Tutors have asked us to mention the following tutees for their current efforts and attainment, so, in no particular order, we are proud to list :

Kelsey Peden
Callum Matthewson
Chantelle Nikiperowisc
Adam O'Neill
Jill Davidson
Claire Reekie

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

Karlene Doherty (Dunfermline), Ewan Macdonald (North Queensferry), Paul McDonald (Dunfermline), Matt Watson (Dunfermline), Julie Robertson (Dunfermline), Emma Doherty (Rosyth)

February news 2003

Many tutors are now becoming very busy as we enter the build-up period to national examinations, which are only eleven weeks away.

The current outstanding work and efforts of the following tutees deserves recognition :

Michael Butter (Kirkcaldy)
Ewan MacDonald (North Queensferry)
Rhona Jack (Star)
Joseph McMahon (Glenrothes)
Ross McNeil (Milnathort)
Louise Stark (Glenrothes)

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

Ross Philp (Dunfermline), Rebecca Shepherd (Edinburgh), Iain Bonn (Middlebank), Ainsley Campbell (Kirkliston)

Early 2003 news

HAPPY NEW YEAR We trust that tutors and clients have all had a peaceful and enjoyable break and are refreshed fully.

With Higher prelims looming and entrance tests for independent schools also imminent, STEP AHEAD is having its usual busy start to the New Year.

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

Michael Butter (Kirkcaldy), Laura McDonald (Dunfermline), Heather Smith (S.Queensferry), Martyn Wilson (Ratho), Robyn Cooper (Cairneyhill), Rose Fagan (Dunfermline)

New tutors

John Bailey (English and Business Studies), Janina Forte (English), Catherine Warren (Primary and Learning Diff), Pauline Wright (Maths)

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