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News archive 2004

Merry Christmas 2004 and a Happy New Year, 2005

STEP AHEAD extends the warmest compliments of the season to all our clients.

We are proud to continue into 2005 our services to individuals in the homes of clients and/or tutors.

We have welcomed new tutors : Susana Aranzana (Spanish and German), Ewan Chalmers (English), Anna Girling (English and History), Jasjeet Kataora (German and French) and Linda Rush (Primary).

Pupil of the week awards George's diary

were presented from September - December to: Craig Spowart (Dunfermline), Jennifer Sloan (Clackmannan), Catriona Gunn (Kirkcaldy), Ross Philp (Dunfermline), Ben Sneddon (Cairneyhill), Peter Walker (Clackmannan), Katherine Bastianelli (Dunfermline), Ross Inglis (Crossford), Rudi Tanner (Dunfermline), Gary Redpath (Methil), Liam Ambrose (Cairneyhill)

Examination results and reactions, sept 2004

In order to attempt to indicate the kind of success achieved by STEP AHEAD tutees in this year's National exams, there follows some of the results reported to us. These are only examples and there are dozens more in similar vein.

Scott Murphy was delighted with and for: Alison Brough who obtained a "B" in her Higher English; Stephen Gorman Higher Modern Studies "A", Higher Politics "B" and Higher English "C"; Kiera MacKenzie Advanced Higher History "B", and Advanced Higher English "B"; Sam Barker Higher Modern Studies "B"; Rebecca Shepherd Intermediate 1 English "A", Michael Shepherd Higher Modern Studies "B" and Stuart Foster Higher History "C". Asif Ahmed and Jason Canning worked hard for their grades in Standard English, and Jason and his parents reported to be highly delighted with his performance and progress in English.

With Kevin Kerr's tutoring, Rachel Joy got a B for H Chemistry and a C for H Maths. Joanne Keiller scored the 3 that they had been aiming for in her Standard Grade Maths and she was delighted.

Brian Ogilvie helped a number of students to pleasing results, including Claire Donald who got Bs in both Higher Maths and Chemistry, Yvonne Ross B in Higher Maths, Ross McNeil A in Higher Maths, Louise Stark all-round good results and Joseph McMahon a B in AH Chemistry. Bilal Mahmood AH Maths with Stats was sufficient to get a place at St Andrews.

Winifred McEwen reported, amongst other results, outstanding Highers for David Gannon A in Modern Studies, B in History and C in English; Stuart Meldrum A in History and B in English; Lauren Teasdale B in Modern Studies and C in History; Alison Mitchell C in History; and at Standard Grade, Jennifer Caldwell with a clutch of 1s and Karen Clements with Credit in English.

We receive many glowing comments, letters, emails, telephone calls throughout the year, the following being indicative of recent parental satisfaction:

"Just to say that we were delighted with the tutor who managed to get our daughter from a very low prelim result to a higher pass. Ian Rowe was excellent and should take a great deal of credit for her success. Thanks." Suzanne Cluness Dalgety Bay

Linda Brough wrote to our tutor Scott Murphy, "Alison did extremely well in her exams - 4 A's and a B! We were delighted that she achieved a B for English!! This was all down to your tutoring; many thanks for all your hard work and encouragement, which helped Alison through. She was really in a rut with English and convinced that it would be a C in the final exam until she started working with you : then she began to believe in herself again. Many Thanks."

Amongst others, Annabel Paterson has heaped praise on Maths tutor Rob Walker, stating that her daughter, "Started with little confidence, which grew, and her Maths became efficient, resulting in a Higher pass, something which would not have been achieved without the help of STEP AHEAD."

"Sincere thanks to Mike Chandler who had an excellent way in encouraging our daughter to understand maths problems and re-inforcing class work while building her confidence in the subject," said Mr and Mrs Mitchell.

John Weir thanked us for the services of three tutors : Bill Wyse, Morag Reid and Louise McLeod, stating, "I can only praise all three for their services which helped Kerry through her exams and assisted in improving the marks she was previously expecting."

Mr and Mrs Fullerton praised Nina Forte and Rob Walker as "two very professional and pleasant tutors," with their daughter's results surpassing their hopes.

The Modern Studies result achieved by her daughter led Mrs L of Rosyth to comment, "Gail Millar has been thorough and very organised, covering everything and teaching her good answering techniques."

The Donaldson Family were fulsome in their praise of Brian McGill who tutored Lauren, recording, "More than just tutoring Maths, he instilled in her the confidence that she could do it, and was rewarded with a Credit 1 !"

Pupil of the week awards George's diary

have been given to: Jennifer Sloan (Clackmannan), Rebecca Read (Dunfermline), Michael Leslie (Glenrothes),  Kieran Harper (Rosyth), Emma Lees (Linlithgow)

New tutors

We welcome to our ever-increasing tutor fold : June Bouroun (Primary and Lower Sec), Des Martin (Business Management) and Jane Norton (French, German and Spanish).

Summer and school holidays, 2004

Although the exams are now over, tutoring continues a-pace for large numbers of tutees. Many parents have realised the benefit of continuing sessions during the long holiday period in preparation for a fast and bright start to the new school year.

Many children have excelled this year and outstanding results are also expected when the national grades are announced.

STEP AHEAD would like to congratulate all tutees, children and adults, who have achieved at their own levels this year, and would like to thank those who have taken the trouble to write to us testifying as to progress made.

We welcome to our tutor fold - over 320 registered - Dr Sarah Wasson (English) and Barbara Kettle (Primary) and we applaud the following PUPILS OF THE WEEK:

Neil Broome (Oakley)
Blair McWhirter (Cairneyhill)
Matt Watson (Dunfermline)
Graham Dodds (Kirkcaldy)
Martyn Wilson (Ratho)
Katie Gray (Burntisland)
Daryl Wylie (Cairneyhill)
Rudi Tanner (Cairneyhill)
Joshua Brown (Dalgety Bay)

April 2004

As next month's examinations approach rapidly, we would like to wish all senior pupils, adults, and others about to sit exams, our best wishes at this stressful time of year.

CONGRATULATIONS: The following tutees have gained places in the following schools:

Iain Bonn (Strathallan)
Richard Broome (Dollar Academy)
Callum Grant (Dollar Academy)
David McLeish (Dollar Academy)
Emma McWhirter (Dollar Academy)

Two further current-P7 pupils have also gained places at Dollar Academy for August entry: they know who they are !

Pupil of the week awards George's diary

Emma Doherty (Rosyth), David McLeish (Dunfermline), Richard Broome (Oakley), Ross Philp (Dunfermline), Laura Young (Kirkcaldy), Emma McReynolds (Dunfermline), Rudi Tanner (Dunfermline), Ben Sneddon (Cairneyhill), Catriona Gunn (Glenrothes)

New tutors

We welcome to STEP AHEAD: Carol Latimer (English and German), Gillian Waddell (Accountancy and Taxation), Emma Watson (Psychology and Primary)

2004's explosive start

Tutors In Demand: In our seven years, STEP AHEAD has never been so busy at the start of a new calendar year as this year. Already some of our English, Maths and Science specialists have been inundated with work, and unfortunately have few slots left !

We have received further glowing testimonials about the work and commitment of many of our tutors, and we appreciate these gestures from our clients.

Congratulations: The Director would like to commend all the pupils who have taken recent Entrance Examinations. As we await the results, the ever-increasing number of youngsters involved, of various ages from a number of places throughout the East of Scotland, deserve praise for their hard work.

Pupil of the week awards George's diary

Have been awarded to: Katie Gray (Burntisland), Blair McWhirter (Cairneyhill), Euan Robertson (Saline), Rose Fagan (Dunfermline), Gary Redpath (Methil), Matthew Pryce (Dalgety Bay)

New tutors

We welcome to STEP AHEAD: Jayne Ashley (History and Modern Studies), Agnes Lindsay (Biology), Edith Swinley (Primary)

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