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News archive 2005

Exciting times

We keep being told of more and more success stories - from parents, teachers, tutors and clients themselves.

Congratulations to those who have already had great prelim results and highly encouraging parent evening reports.

DIRECTOR'S VISIT Our Director is able to report on a highly enjoyable and interesting visit to St Leonards School, St Andrews. The invitation to exchange views and spend time with the Head, staff and pupils at Scotland's "Independent School of the Year" was most rewarding, and prospective parents are encouraged to follow suit.

Pupil of the week awards George's diary

Michael Williamson (Dalgety Bay), Kyle Findlay (Rosyth), Ben Sneddon (Cairneyhill), Gayle Watson (Crossford), Sam Hogg (Crossford), Andrew Proud (Dunfermline), Rebecca Williamson (Dalgety Bay), Zoe Mitchell (Dunfermline) and Craig Spowart (Dunfermline) deserve credit.

New tutors

We welcome Dr Wendy Jones (English), Alan McKay (Computing, Maths and Physics) and Avril Walls (Primary).

Autumn 2005

Another fine start is reported for many youngsters who have returned to STEP AHEAD again this year and for newcomers. Welcome to all tutees and new tutors !

Pupil of the week awards George's diary

Well done : Matthew Cook (Dunfermline), Sammy Twigg (Inverkeithing), Kay Swan (Burntisland), Robyn Henderson (Inverkeithing), Kieran Harper (Rosyth), Emma Lees (Linlithgow), Gavin Spowart (Dunfermline).

New tutors

Maureen Brogan (English, Maths and L.S.), Ian Cooke (Primary and Low Sec), Charlotte De Saint Mareville (French and German), Matthew Flinn (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Dr Robert Giles (Maths and Physics), Anna Girling (English and History), Laura Kane (French and German), Ray Morrison (English), Jane Norton (French, German and Spanish), and Clare Rodgers (English).

Fantastic exam results

We have been thrilled at the number of calls, emails and letters we have received from students and parents reporting on not only passes but outstanding results in this year's national examinations.

Year on year, STEP AHEAD clients have had excellent passes and grades, and we felt that last year's achievements would take some beating. However, it appears that this year our tutees, backed by the quality of the individual service provided by our tutors, have surpassed expectations.

There are countless examples, but particularly worthy of reporting are :

of a youngster who scored 20% in a prelim exam, came to us for a tutor, and got an A pass in the Maths Higher;

of a girl who was not going to be allowed to sit Higher Biology, but with her tutor's help got a B pass;

of a boy whose school teacher predicted a D as his best hope, but got a B pass in Higher Physics;

and of a Band 1 pass in Higher Chemistry under four months after asking for a tutor, having had a C at best predicted from his prelim performance.

It's the summer holidays

With even longer school holidays this year for most pupils, STEP AHEAD tutors are keen to take advantage of the extra holidays and work with tutees when they are available. Such work can often be carried out during the day when youngsters are fresher. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

As we await the examination results with great anticipation of more outstanding results, we wish all our clients and tutors a restful holiday.

Laura McIntosh (Primary) is the latest addition to our list of TUTORS, while the following have earned PUPIL OF THE WEEK Awards :

Ross Inglis (Crossford)
Liam Ambrose (Cairneyhill)
Gayle Watson (Crossford)
Rudi Tanner (Dunfermline)
Jennifer Sloan (Clackmannan)
Stuart McKie (Clackmannan)

Exam time May 2005

National examinations are here and tutors are very optimistic of further outstanding results for Step Ahead clients. Over the past seven years, our results have been exceptional and have reflected the hard work done by both clients and tutors.

CONGRATULATIONS We offer our warmest congratulations to (i) Tutor John Spence - on his promotion to headship; (ii) Tutors Dr Andrew and Mrs Barbara Kettle - on the birth of their first child; and (iii) Pupil Emma Loedel - who became Scottish Under 12 Fencing (Foil) Champion

Pupil of the week awards George's diary

These have been made to: Ben Sneddon (Cairneyhill), Graham Dodds (Kirkcaldy), Katherine Bastianelli (Dunfermline), Sam Hogg (Crossford), Emma Doherty (Rosyth), Catriona Gunn (Kirkcaldy), Heather Bain (Crossford)

New tutors

Welcome is extended to : David High (Biology, English and Geography), Catherine McLauchlan (Computing, Accounting and Maths), Laura Munro (Primary), Arielle Schnepp (Modern Languages and English) and Dr Andrew Webb (Maths and Electronics).

March 2005 "In like a lion"

Busy, demanding, anxious are all words which accurately describe this time of year, as many senior pupils get prelim results and start to cast looks over their shoulders at what they have done or should have done - and start to prepare for the 'real thing' in two months or so.

Once again, STEP AHEAD's results in preparing children for entrance to independent schools have been exceptional - with every pupil tutored having been successful, yet again this year. Congrats to all concerned !


Tutors wish to bring attention to the following youngsters :
Karen McErlean
Lucy Crookston
Emma Loedel
Jason Canning
Dominic Lawson
Matthew Abbott

Pupil of the week awards George's diary

So far in 2005, this batch of pupils have earned the awards: Gavin Spowart (Dunfermline), Matthew Watson (Dunfermline), Michael Leslie (Glenrothes), Daryl Wylie (Cairneyhill), Robbie, Scrimgeour (Crossford), Stuart McKie (Clackmannan), Emma Loedel (Dalgety Bay), Matthew Abbott (Crossford), and Zoe Mitchell (Dunfermline)

New tutors

We have welcomed : Jessica Butcher (Maths and Physics), Dorothy Horgan (Maths), Robert Kenny (Physics and Maths), Cherry McIntyre (Biology) and Vivienne Szakacs (Maths)

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