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News archive 2006

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

In December and January, awards have been made to: Liam Jukes (Dalgety Bay), Amy Proud (Dunfermline), Aaron Millar (Clackmannan), Naomi Fyfe (Rosyth) and Emma Doherty (Rosyth).

George's diary George's diary

Please remember to get weekly news by visiting George's diary on the left of our home page. This week we pay tribute to a special teacher and person.

2006 Christmas is fast approaching

Good news keeps on coming: many outstanding prelim results, youngsters winning awards, offers of school places, superb testimonials from very satisfied parents, more top teachers becoming STEP AHEAD tutors etc etc.

BLOG: Regular news - weekly or fortnightly - has been placed on our BLOG section during 2006, and we trust that you are enjoying keeping up to date with us.

CONGRATULATIONS: Several tutors have had additions to their families - and we send our warmest congratulations.

Joshua Evans and Ben Gray have earned themselves places in independent schools. Well done!

Gary Burt has been accepted to join the Fire Service - a tribute to the hard-work and determination of this young man.

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

Sam Hogg (Crossford), Amy Brown (Dunfermline), Cameron Farquhar (Limekilns), Ben Gray (Limekilns), Cameron Swanson (Crossford), Craig Learmonth (Inverkeithing), Lauren Coats (Dalgety Bay) and Fraser Mutch (Crossford).

The clocks have gone back!

It's that time of the year when many older pupils are preparing for forthcoming Prelims and some younger ones are getting ready for entrance exams in to independent schools. We wish them all the very best and trust that, now that it is almost dark by the time they get home each day, they will get their study programmes into full swing !

New tutors

Since the end of the summer holidays, the following tutors have been registered:

Yvonne Bayne (Biology and Chemistry), Paul Creanor (Maths), Moira Gardner (Maths), Agnes Lindsay (Biology and Chemistry), Craig Masson (Geography), Fiona Newman (French and German), Jessie Ritchie ( Primary and Lower Sec) and Vicky Sabine (Biology, Chemistry and Maths).

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

Ross Philp (Dunfermline), Kieran Harper (Rosyth), Lewis Herbert (Kirkcaldy), Graham Dodds (Kirkcaldy), Joshua Evans (Dalgety Bay), James Weedon (Dunfermline), Robyn Henderson (Inverkeithing) and Kirstyn Barratt (Limekilns).

September 2006 update

Brian Ogilvie is one of an outstanding group of STEP AHEAD tutors who help youngsters attain university places. Youngsters like : Sarah A who will study forensic science at either Dundee or Glasgow; Gavin L medicine at St Andrews; Lucinda L medicine at Newcastle; Catriona L taking a gap year before taking up a university place.

Good results have been conveyed to us from Tony Aitken, Norman Arthur, Mike Chandler, Dinesh Gandhi, Scott Murphy, Jonathan Shelley, Rob Walker and Bill Wyse. Well done, guys !

Our 2006 results are even better!

Our pupils, with the help from outstanding tutors, have really surpassed themselves this year in the National examinations. Each year, we marvel at their successes, and again this year we have cause for celebration. Although waiting to hear from some of our candidates and from their tutors, we can report with pride and satisfaction on so many passes, and indeed top grades and/or fine individual achievements.

It is impossible to list them all, but we want to mention a cross section below (in no particular order) with specific reasons for so doing :

Gary Redpath - consistent levels over a lengthy period - with an outstanding maths result, in particular

Jonathan Russell - high grades in everything !

Craig Spowart and Gavin Spowart - results which are a tribute to their hard work and endeavour over the past two years

Jennifer McIntyre - outstanding Higher French result

Matt Watson - despite considerable difficulties, managed to reach levels which would have been impossible a few years ago

Lessa L, who despite significant health problems affecting her memory and energy, achieved an A and a B at Higher level this year, to follow up on previous Higher and Standard Grade successes.

Pupil of the week awards Pupil of the week

Many youngsters have continued their tutoring throughout the holiday period, so the following have been awarded:

Matt Watson (Dunfermline), Angus Graham (Limekilns), Robert MacPhee (Dunfermline), Ben Sneddon (Cairneyhill), Iain Fleming (Charleston) and Chris Crookston (Crossford).

New tutors

Four new tutors have been registered over the summer: Linda Connon (Maths), Catherine McLauchlan (Accountancy and Computing), Nicola McQueen (Primary and English) and Kirsty Wemyss (French).

Tutor news

Belated congratulations are due to Laura McIntosh who has become Laura Sinclair!

Goodbye and thanks are due to Anna Darmody, who has retired from tutoring after several years with us.

George's diary George's diary

Please remember that there is weekly news and more details in George's diary.

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