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Do You Have Testimonials From Previous Clients?

Nearly 600 written testimonials have been received from very satisfied clients over the past 21 years and these have been filed, in date order, and are available in hard-copy in Books of Testimonials, which we make available to potential clients (at assessment).

A very comprehensive and detailed testimonial - outlining the clients' steps from initial contact with Step Ahead right through to on-going and planned future tutoring - can be read on our "News" pages under the heading "2014", as well as extracts which follow below :.

Can Previous or Current Clients Be Contacted?

We are also able to provide a range of telephone numbers of parents of clients and adult clients who have given their permission for their details to be made available to prospective clients who may wish to contact them regarding the work STEP AHEAD has carried out and progress made.

We put a great deal of store on our assessment process and on taking the utmost care in selecting the right tutor for each individual. So we were thrilled on receiving the following written testimonial which demonstrates the value of such a process:

Re: Assessment/support/guidance/information and tutor for my daughter:

"In relation to the above I can not thank you enough. On initially making contact with yourself, George, I believed you would assist me in finding a tutor for my daughter who is 14 years of age and was about to commence her Standard Grade prelims.

However during the initial meeting it became apparent, that as a parent I was at a loss in my position as a parent regarding Fife Education policies, whereas my daughter's confidence was decreasing due to an ongoing situation within her school.

You gained her trust immediately which enabled her to disclose some of the issues that I was not aware of. At this point you gave me advice and clarification of my rights as a parent in relation to the education department protocol. I was astonished that as a parent I had not been informed of critical decision that had been made in relation to my daughter's educational welfare, and how this would impact on her future targets within school.

Following the (assessment) meeting with you and the information you gave me, I approached the school armed with new knowledge and guidance on how to find a way to resolve the problem. At that point I found out that they in fact had not followed specific protocols in relation to my daughter's education.

After several meetings with teachers both I and my daughter feel that a way forward was found. This in turn has helped her with her confidence and her academic work. During this turmoil you offered me support and guidance which I believe would benefit any parent as well as assisting their child/children. Having spoken in depth to my daughter, you then chose for her an excellent tutor who has already helped her improve her academic ability and confidence.

I would encourage any parent to speak with yourself and arrange an assessment, not just for accessing tutors but for moral support as a parent in relation to any issues or concerns regarding education.

I will stay in touch and keep you updated on her exam results. You deliver an excellent service which I personally can not praise enough. Thank you so much for all your support/ guidance and understanding.

Warmest regards, Lucy"

The following are extracts from our testimonials. The first few examples are representative of correspondence received regarding national examination successes.

Vital Support from a Number of STEP AHEAD Tutors

"Over the years our daughter has benefited from the skills of a number of your tutors, and this has been a vital support. The tuition was very well planned, the methods taught can be used in all her exams, both now and in the future. Not only did they teach her the subject, but also memory skills and exam technique which have proved very valuable. She has achieved great results - including 5 Highers at top grades - despite significant health difficulties." Mrs J.L. Fife

Get Your Tutor Early!

"Our son was failing at school, and in desperation we approached STEP AHEAD for a tutor. The change has been amazing - he went from Foundation marks to high General, and even some Credit, passes. He was treated as an individual - for the first time in his educational life - and his self-confidence soared. The best advice I can offer any parent considering hiring a tutor is DO IT NOW. I just wish that I had approached George sooner - indeed when my son was still in primary school." M.W. Edinburgh

"A" Grade in Higher Chemistry - Band 1

"Wonderful achievement considering the prediction (from school) of a Grade C following prelim - extremely grateful to STEP AHEAD for excellent tutoring - most inspiring tutor with in-depth knowledge and the gift to share his learning." R.L. Kinross

Unexpected B in Higher Biology

"The tutor did a fantastic job - his knowledge of the curriculum left nothing uncovered - built up confidence. My daughter was told (pre-tutor) that it was unlikely that she would be allowed to sit the exam. So to get a B pass - we are all delighted." J.L. Dalgety Bay

Can't Praise Your Tutor Enough

"We found your tutor to be brilliant - he was very thorough and patient - my son got a B in Higher Physics, after being told by his teacher that a D would be the best he could expect. The tutor helped build his confidence and to believe in himself." J.G. Glenrothes

Will Definitely Use STEP AHEAD Again

"The tutor's support and encouragement enabled our daughter to achieve a Credit Standard Grade Maths pass." E.A. Dunfermline

Very Professional!

"STEP AHEAD dealt with our enquiry very professionally and you were able to provide us with an extremely talented and dedicated private tutor almost immediately. We have no doubt that his help had a large bearing on the "A" grade that Laura achieved in her prelim exam this January. He is at all times extremely courteous and professional in his approach. Laura has simply grown in confidence. We would have no hesitation in recommending STEP AHEAD to other parents who have the same interest in seeing their daughters or sons realise their full potential." L.B. Linlithgow


"My husband and I found your tutor to be absolutely terrific. He helped David tremendously and instilled in him a confidence in himself that had been lacking. I cannot praise the tutor highly enough and would recommend your agency to everybody." Mrs M. Crossford


"My daughter only achieved 37% (E pass) in the Prelim exam. That she got an A pass in Higher History was largely due to the tutor's input and encouragement. I cannot praise him highly enough and would not hesitate to recommend him as a tutor. He was flexible in arrangements for tutoring Alison, very thorough in his planning and preparation for lessons, and had a sound knowledge of how lessons should be progressing towards exam time. He was also willing to give feedback after each session, which was very helpful."
S.B. Ladybank

Nothing short of outstanding...

"My son's exam success in his highers was thanks to the help of your tutors. He obtained 2B's and 1C and is now off to university. Coming from 43% in English prelim to achieving a B pass, I consider nothing short of outstanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone considering extra tuition for their children." C.E. Cupar

Definitely recommended...

"The main subject he was tutored in was physics but the tutor accommodated his needs in biology and maths nearer to exam time. I would definitely recommend him in all these subjects." E.R. Fife

We won't hesitate to use your service again

"This is the second tutor you have provided for us; the previous year the tutor was also a great help in Neil's Standard Grade maths. Thank you for the provision of this fine service. Neil had only achieved a 4 in his prelims at Christmas, but by the time he sat his Standard Grades he was much more confident and passed with a 1. We want to thank you very much, and won't hesitate to use your service again if we need to." B.D.W. Kirkcaldy

High standard of tutoring

"The tutor's style put my son at ease and made the learning process for him more manageable. Both my son and I feel that the result of a B in Higher English was due to the high standard of tutoring that my son received." R.L. Glenrothes

We won't hesitate to use Step Ahead again

"Stephen's prelim result was only 17% and therefore to have gained a C pass was quite an achievement. We are all delighted with the result as well as the excellent way in which STEP AHEAD have conducted themselves and I would have no hesitation in recommending yourselves to any friends who may be seeking additional tutoring for their children."
L.U. Cairneyhill

The following are excerpts taken from a large - and ever-growing - number of written testimonials received about our Director's tutoring:


"You have definitely made me a lot more confident in class." P.Mc. 9yr old Dunfermline

"It would be fair to say that the first time we met I was going through a bit of a confidence crisis, however, under your guidance you boosted my numerical and verbal skills sufficiently, to get me through the selection system. I have to say, your upbeat approach never failed to impress." T. F. mature adult Crossford

"You have not only brought him on academically but also his confidence has improved tremendously." K. L. Leith

"I find it hard to put on paper what I feel in my heart. When I came to see you with my son Kris I was so worried about him. Kris's confidence was so low and my husband and I didn't know where to turn to. With your help and guidance over the past year Kris has became more sure of himself and his academic abilities. He now holds his head up." S. H. Kirkcaldy

"Stewart has improved dramatically and this is borne out by his results at school. He has also gained a great deal of confidence." M. C. Currie

"We are very grateful for all your hard work and time you spent with Aaron. It is not always easy for a dyslexic child at school but Aaron is now enjoying school and has greater confidence in his abilities." Mrs P. Kinross

"Failings in the education system by not following through the learning process meant he was constantly playing catch up. A close friend mentioned that she used STEP AHEAD Tutoring, which helped her daughter. It was the best move for Scott, whose confidence improved as you swiftly identified his weak points and instigated a plan to maximise his learning potential in the short time available. He found the work hard but enjoyable and against all odds gained good pass marks in his exam. We are grateful for the effort, personal attention and encouragement you gave Scott." R. G. Cairneyhill

"Just "thanks" seems too small a word!." K.B. 11 year old girl Glenrothes

"Thanks to you, the difference in six months is incredible." E. M. Dunfermline

"Thank you for the professional support you gave in helping to prepare me successfully for my Naval interview in Portsmouth last week. You have assisted me in a variety of ways to sharpen my abilities, to focus on the necessary tasks and to be fully prepared for what was quite an arduous examination. You aided me greatly with your emphasis on ensuring that I remained confident and self-assured, as well as focused, and ironed out any gaps in my understanding." A.W. 24 yr old Cowdenbeath

"I recognise that he was not always the easiest of pupils. Your patience and perseverance were commendable." A.H. Aberdour

"Not only his academic work but also his improved confidence and attitude to work."
P.V. Aberdour

"I want to thank you for your help on passing the Fire Service Selection Tests."
G.L. mature male Belfast

"STEP AHEAD Tutoring has worked very closely with me to understand my son's needs. My son is now a much more confident and articulate individual. I have been extremely impressed with the focus and professionalism." D.E. Edinburgh

"At a time when Laura's confidence was extremely low with schoolwork, you managed to step in and delicately, enthusiastically and professionally built this up over a period of time. Your patience and understanding is a credit to the teaching profession. Our daughter now very much looks forward to her schoolwork and gets a tremendous amount of pleasure in being able to complete tasks confidently, before these very same tasks were upsetting to Laura. You taught her to come forward with questions and not sit quiet when not fully understanding something." M.H. Cairneyhill

"Clearly you made a major contribution to Mark passing the Dollar Academy entrance exam last year." G.J. Powmill

"You continue to invigorate Calum's desire for learning. I feel very comfortable discussing our children's needs and progress with you in ways that we, for one reason or another, are not always able to do with our children's teachers." G.H. Edinburgh

"The results and level of interest our son had achieved with you led us to consider the option of independent schooling. Our son supported this idea if the work would be as interesting as his session with his tutor. We are sure that the support and encouragement offered has made this transition smooth and enjoyable." S.L. Dunfermline

"All the hard work has paid off and we are absolutely delighted that he has been offered a place at Dollar. You have helped him focus and given him the confidence to tackle work that would previously have been beyond him at this stage." S.R. Powmill

"It is testimony to your professional and personal qualities that you developed a sound working relationship with my strong-willed teenager and helped her to blossom and develop both academically and as a young adult." J.B. Dunfermline

"Thanks for your time and patience and help in preparing me for the Fire Service exam." Alessandro 24 year old male Dunfermline

"We have no doubt that it was the techniques that you showed her that enabled her to achieve nearer to her potential, not only in English, but in other subjects as well."
R.W. Glenrothes

"I had been advised by his Guidance Teacher at the end of fourth year that it would be in Steven's interest to try to obtain an apprenticeship or go to college as he doubted his ability to successfully study for Higher. We feel most of the credit for Steven's achievement lies with you, and the time and effort you spent with him, working on his English. This was of great benefit especially as all three Highers were English based. On a more personal basis I would like to thank you for the amount of free time you gave to Steven." J.N. Cairneyhill

"She had low self-esteem and lacked the confidence to try anything beyond the easiest problems. You always made a point of praising Katie and letting her know how well she was working, which has done much to improve her self-esteem and confidence. Her level of academic achievement is, I am sure, far higher than it would have been had we not made the decision to go for private tuition." Mr and Mrs A.H. Lundin Links

"Step Ahead's structured and well-formulated plan, clearly laid out objectives and knowledge of the educational system and strategies have all benefited me and helped enhance my career opportunities." J.G. Teacher seeking promotion Fife

"We have been impressed with the advice received from STEP AHEAD Tutoring and Educational Services, the assessments made and the ability, over a period of some months, to offer an appropriate programme for our four children who all have different requirements. They have experienced different approaches and have been helped to bring out their best." M.G. Dunfermline

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