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Step Ahead Together Tuition

National reports and statistics about modern education standards are proving to be an increasing concern for parents; 20 per cent of pupils have failed to master basic English and maths by the time they leave primary school.

However, reports also demonstrate the value of private tuition; children who have failed to master the basics of reading by the age of 6 can become the best in their class after only a few hours of specialist tuition.

The literacy problems that can blight the progress of many children and adults can be overcome if individual or small group support is provided.

Reports reveal this is particularly so for children aged between 5 years and 9 months and 6 years and 3 months, which is believed to be the crucial age range for establishing reading skills.

STEP AHEAD TOGETHER provides high quality, individual tuition within small groups of similarly aged children. Delivered by our most experienced, established Step Ahead tutors, the focus remains on ensuring all tutees benefit from individual attention, while sharing study plans and projects with children of similar age and ability level.

These small groups offer the element of social interaction, stimulation and healthy competition enjoyed in the school classroom, but of course with far greater personal attention available to each child.

Each group has a maximum of six tutees, often just three or four, selected on a number of factors, including age, ability, attainment level and common purpose. For example, one group might be high achievers in maths, another could be improving their literacy skills, while a third group might be preparing for an entrance test to an independent school.

Our tutors cater for a range of needs, including English as a second language, and foreign languages for youngsters or adults.

Another area we have developed over the years is offering support to adults seeking help entering their chosen profession.

We have identified a trend in parental attitudes, which increasingly values the intimate and personal nature of home schooling. We are catering for this cultural swing with increased facilities and flexibility of tutors offered, including day time sessions where required.

We, and our tutees, have experienced the considerable value of tuition during holidays, half-terms and in-service days. We offer group sessions during those school breaks, as well as preparation for prelims and examinations at relevant times, including Easter revision groups, summer schools, and activity sessions, all from within our Centres.

As we have stated in our Step Ahead means Business section, we are very aware that one-fifth of all students in British universities are failed or drop out after their first year. A significant reason is their lack of basic literacy and numeracy skills, as well as poor organisational and study skills.

We have developed programmes to tackle these issues, and help prevent this unnecessary drain of resources, through personal tuition and/or our TOGETHER sessions which can be tailored to individual university or college students. We can offer experienced university tutors, catering for an increasing range of tertiary academic subjects.

STEP AHEAD TOGETHER is based throughout East and Central Scotland in conveniently located Centres, the first of which we established in the district of Murrayfield in the capital city of Edinburgh.

Fees for TOGETHER in our Centres are designed to be lower than for one-to-one tutoring in the homes of tutors, and especially in the homes of clients. Some tutees have their own STEP AHEAD tutor and also attend a weekly TOGETHER group. Others attend more than one weekly TOGETHER group. A discount is given for booking series of weekly TOGETHER sessions.

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